Alex North

Co-founder at Lexy

Alex led data model and communication protocols for Google’s Wave and rallied the team to open sourcing Apache Wave. He then built the engineering culture and an untouchable team for Posse. He is now the co-founder & VP Engineering at Lexy.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Sydney

Build Stuff that Matters


Engineering leaders are familiar with working to increase the impact of themselves and their team. But code isn’t the only thing we build. In this talk I’ll revise how engineering leaders approach high-impact technical work, and extend that to the other “stuff” we build: team, culture, products and companies.

You will learn how to make higher leverage decisions. As shepherds of a scarce and valuable resource–high-quality engineering work–we have a responsibility not only to our bosses, but also to our team, communities, and fellow humans, to build stuff that matters.