Isabel Nyo

Development Manager at Gumtree

Isabel is a highly innovative and award-winning web technologist and people manager with over 15 years industrial experience in the Internet and web development industry. She has an extensive experience in building high traffic and high profile websites. She is passionate about personal leadership, career development, and women in technology.

Isabel is currently a web development manager and leading a team of talented developers at Gumtree Australia. She is also heading up an initiative on learning & development to build a culture of growth mindset and continuous improvement.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Sydney

Creating Career Development for Engineering Teams


One of the challenges with career development for engineering teams is that many engineers don’t believe career development applies to them. It’s because a lot of them think career development as moving upwards and getting promotions. For many engineers who are passionate about technology and doing hands-on development work, they feel that career development is non-existent for them as they do not wish to become people managers.

In this talk, I will address two key areas for career development for engineering teams; 1) mindset, ie: introducing a new way of thinking where we think of career development as lattice, instead of ladder and 2) mechanics, ie: implementing structures and strategies to achieve career development.

At the end of my talk, engineering leaders will walk away with a new mindset on career development and know-how on implementing career development for their engineering teams.