Liz Douglass

Head of Digital and CRM at IAG

Liz’s passion is delivering great software that customers really love. She moved to the software industry after a successful career as an aerospace engineer. Liz has worked in a number of digital roles, industry sectors and countries. She currently combines her technical knowledge, problem solving and communication skills as the Head of Digital and CRM at Insurance Australia Group (IAG). She loves the variety, changing nature and need for creativity in her job.

Liz is currently completing her MBA at Melbourne Business School, a keen cyclist and terrible cook.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Sydney

Transforming Work


For organisations to thrive in an increasingly fast-paced and complex environment, the requirement to have a highly skilled workforce is greater than ever. For many people work is not intrinsically associated with the opportunities for learning, problem solving, independent thinking, collaboration and creativity and this unfortunate reality creates an enormous challenge for companies.

This talk examines the core competencies of the technology generalist and explores some of the approaches that organisations and individuals are taking to exercise growth mindset to continually upgrade their skills.