Phil Chan

CTO at AgriWebb

Phil Chan has spent the last two decades building and leading product development teams. He is passionate about technical and cultural change; developing talent; and helping engineers understand the impact they can have on their customers.

As the first employee at Tenzing Communications (now Sita OnAir), Phil helped build the world’s first in-flight internet system. He then spent 12 years as an architect and senior development manager for IBM WebSphere Portal, where he led the adoption of Agile, large scale test automation and DevOps across 500 developers in 7 countries.

Phil is currently the CTO of AgriWebb, applying technology to farm management and decision-making to make sure there’s enough food for future generations.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Sydney

Leading Change


Implementing a technical strategy often requires cultural change, which can take time and careful team management. In this talk, Phil will describe technical strategy and change projects in huge enterprise and startup environments, with a focus on communication, measurement and flexibility to successfully implementing change.

Attendees will learning about structuring change, getting people onboard, refining and sharing goals, and how we can miss our them – even when people think we’ve achieved success.